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(selection of courses thought in positions held in Switzerland and France,
as well as invited professor)


Introduction to French Linguistics
Introduction to General LInguistics
Syntax and pragmatics of spoken French
Referential processes and topic management in interaction
Space descriptions in written and spoken discourse
Contributions of the study of language to the urban studies
Qualitative Methods in Social Sciences
Second language acquisition in interaction
Code-switching and plurilingual talk


Interactional Linguistics
Introduction to Conversation Analysis
Advanced seminar in Conversation Analysis
Multimodality and video analysis
Corpora of spoken data: transcription and annotation
Analysis of scientific practices: texts and social interactions


Doctoral Schools

Summer Schools

Various modules for the Swiss Doctoral School (on fieldwork and qualitative methods for the social sciences, social interaction, multimodality, etc.) from 1999 to present.

Various workshops for advanced students in Lyon from 2001 to present.

Summer School CONTACI (2007), I_DOCORA (2008), TRANAL_I (2009) on spoken language corpora and interactional linguistics, with V. Traverso (1 week each year).

Spring School of the DYLAN European Project (on qualitative methodologies), with M. Krzyzanowski (U. Lancaster), Lyon, April 2008.

Faculty of the master course “Multimodalidad y interacción”, Univ. Puebla, february 2008..

Faculty of the “PPlace Me Workshop”, Stockholm, May 10-12, 2007 (day 1: “video recording”, Day 2: “Transcribing”, Day 3: “Analyzing data”)

Faculty member of the Summer School “Language, Participation and Learning“, Univ. of Odense (org. J. Wagner), June 2006.

Faculty of the doctoral course “Analisi de dades interactives”, Univ. Autonoma Barcelona, Feb. 2006.

Advanced yearly seminars on video analysis at EHESS, Paris, with B. Bonu and M. Relieu, from 2003 to 2005.

Faculty of the curso de Maestría y Doctorado en Ciencias del Lenguaje sobre "Análisis del habla en interacción : introducción al análisis conversacional", ENAH, Mexico, Sept.. 2003.

Faculty member and plenary speaker at the Uppsala NorFa Doctoral School on “Descriptive practices in talk-in-interaction”, January 2003.

Faculty of the doctoral course on methodologies for the analysis of social practices, Dep. of Sociology, Univ. Toulouse-le-Mirail, march 2000.